Physical Therapy Services
Spine and Sports Physical Therapy is committed to providing the best possible quality of care. As a result, all evaluations and treatments are performed one on one by Dr. House. He enjoys offering his undivided attention to each patient throughout every appointment, which will typically last about 1 hour. Dr. House is comfortable managing straight-forward and complex orthopedic issues.

PT treatment in Texas requires a prescription from a referring physician. If you have a prescription, simply schedule PT. If you do not have a prescription, contact your physician or call Dr. House for assistance and a recommendation for an orthopedic doctor to consult with prior to beginning PT.

You may also call the office to schedule if you prefer.

Please complete the new patient paperwork in the PT Forms section of this website and bring these to your 1st appointment.

Insurance: Most major plans are accepted.
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Services provided include:

• Therapeutic exercise

Exercises are focused on expediting recovery and prevention of re-injury. These exercises are based on objective measurements taken during your initial evaluation and are prescribed to address areas of weak or tight muscles.

• Manual therapy

This form of hands-on treatment is utilized for providing pain relief, improving range of motion, and correcting joint alignment.

• Trigger point dry needling

Dry needling involves the use of acupuncture needles to release trigger points in muscles for decreasing pain and tightness.

• Neuromuscular reeducation

Restoration of balance, proper muscle facilitation/recruitment, and joint proprioception/kinesthetics is achieved through actively challenging the body to maintain stability and control during movement.

• Ergonomics training

Education and training is provided to improve sitting posture, positional transitions (ie. Sitting to standing transition), and lifting techniques in order to protect your spine and prevent pain with these activities.

• McKenzie therapy

Also known as mechanical diagnosis and therapy, this method of treatment emphasizes patient involvement and education. Patients are taught to use movement based techniques to relieve their own pain and improve joint biomechanics.

• Pre-operative PT

Research indicates that pre-op PT expedites recovery and reduces costs following a surgery. Simply put, the better condition you go into a surgery, the better condition you will come out of surgery.
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• Post-operative PT

Therapy emphasizes restoring range of motion and strength, preventing post-op complications, minimizing scarring and returning one safely to their desired level of activity.

• Tele-therapy

Spine and Sports PT is now providing all patients access to convenient PT. As a result, SSPT is offering "Tele-therapy" which is a simple, cost-effective option for providing physical therapy in your home or office.
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The McKenzie Method

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