Redefining the Future of Physical Therapy
What is Tele-therapy?
Tele-PT is simple. It's a time-efficient, cost-saving option for providing PT services remotely via electronic communication. Using a desktop, tablet or smart phone the PT and patient are able to have real-time audiovisual communication.

To get started simply click the button below, type in your name to check in and your session will begin at your appointment time.

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You will need Google Chrome or Firefox to use our Tele-Therapy application.

  • Convenient / saves time / accommodates busy lifestyles
  • Save money- our goal is to bring affordable, accessible PT to everyone
  • Receiving therapy in the setting in which you live or work allows the therapist to actually see how your pain effects your daily life and allows the therapist to truly offer a functional approach to improving your ability to perform activities of daily living.
  • Avoid the hassle / time / cost of travel to a clinic - distance from a PT clinic is no longer an issue! PT is now provided at your West Texas ranch, college dorm room, beach house, or anywhere you may be located.
  • Therapy is provided one-on-one with a licensed PT whom is an experienced orthopedic specialist.

Cost: $60 / session (45-60 min) *

Tele-PT is the best or only option for many people needing PT. The standard outpatient PT clinic will work well for most patients, especially those that need a hands-on approach. However, sometimes taking the time to go to a clinic is not necessary or possible. If this is the case, you should consider Tele-PT. As with all PT in Texas, you will need a physical therapy prescription from your doctor.

Tele-PT utilizes HIPAA compliant technology to ensure privacy and protection of your health information.

* This service is not covered by insurances.
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