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Dr. Greg House, PT, DPT, OCS, Cert. MDT

Greg House has specialized in spine rehabilitation since 2006. He has completed both a Master's degree in Physical Therapy from Texas State University as well as a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Rocky Mountain University in Provo, Utah. This training has provided him additional experience and expertise in areas such as differential diagnosis, radiology, pharmacology and evidence-based practice. He is a board-certified orthopaedic clinical specialist. In 2009, he also completed his McKenzie certification in mechanical diagnosis and therapy of the spine.

Greg serves as an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association and as a clinical instructor for physical therapy students. He also works as a consultant, providing education on clinical examination techniques to physicians and their staff. He offers continuing education courses on diagnosis and treatment of sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

Greg has always had a strong desire to help and serve others. Previously, he was the manager of outpatient rehabilitation services at Lakeway Regional Medical Center, a middle school science teacher and cross country coach for several years, as well as a former EMT and certified personal trainer. These previous experiences compliment his interest in patient education as an important component of improving health and function. He enjoys running, rock climbing, most outdoor activities, and spending time with his wife and 2 sons.

Patient Testimonials

"Dr. House is the perfect combination of intelligence, empathy, and energy! As I worked alongside him for 5 years, I was able to see how well he addresses physical issues through function and looking at the WHOLE patient. Greg also creates an atmosphere of fun and team work, while empowering patients to resolve their own issues by giving them lifelong tools to be used on any recurrences. I trust him fully, even with my own family!"

Dr. Trent L. McGinty, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT
Senior Physical Therapist Supervisor
Seton Spine and Rehab Center

"I've known Greg and his work for many years. He is easily one of the best spine physical therapists I have encountered in my 30 year career. I've even had a patient tell me if I was smart I wouldn't use him because I would do more surgery. He has treated me personally on more than one occasion. Highly recommend."

Dr. Kurt W Von Rueden, MD
Spine surgeon- AustinSpine

"I have been privileged to have Dr. Greg House as my physical therapist for over eight years. I first met Dr. House when my medical doctor referred me to a program of physical therapy in an effort to recuperate from a herniated disk and to forestall or eliminate the need for spine surgery. Dr. House developed a program of exercises that would strengthen my core musculature to provide better support for the spinal column. He began by measuring the strength of selected muscle groups to obtain a baseline against which to monitor improvement. Then we set to work. I visited Dr. House in the therapy gym two or three times a week for around five weeks. At the end of that time, my "foot drop" had improved and my sciatic nerve pain was greatly reduced. All without taking medication. I continued the exercises at home and, at the end of one year a new scan showed that the herniated disc material had been resorbed and was no longer pressing on the nerve root. The "foot drop" was gone. I was then placed on a long term program and continued using the exercises to this day.

About nine months ago, I had a major flare up of sciatica and it became difficult to get around and to do simple tasks. Once again, following X-rays and nerve tests, my doctor referred me to Dr, House who crafted a modified program of exercises. Dr. House showed me an anatomical diagram of how each exercise is designed to help improve strength of specific muscles and tendons. Each therapy session consists of performing the exercises while Dr. House observes and provides coaching on how to better conform to the specific movements. He taught me how to "listen" to my body so we could together tune up the exercise program. He introduced me to the effective use of the balance board, elastic Therabands, and more. He also suggested I examine my mattress, car seats, and other daily living items that bear upon the spine. I ended up making some basic changes that make my daily life a lot more comfortable and effective. Now, four months following completion of the therapy series, I am walking three miles a day, climbing stairs without pain, and have made the latest exercise program as designed by Dr. House a part of my everyday routine. I look forward to working with Dr. House for many years to come as I continue to age and strive to remain able to enjoy outdoor physical activity. I may not climb Mt. Everest, but at age 77 I can climb Enchanted Rock."

Steve Sackmary
Dr. Greg House Helped Me To Improve My Well-Being
Web Design Austin
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